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Roadmap and Completed Milestones

It is important to recognize that the priorities outlined for Age of Battles may be subject to change due to various factors, including significant traction, groundbreaking research, and valuable feedback from the community. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that these projections are formulated to the best of our abilities but may be influenced by potential disruptions.
Age of Battles is a cutting-edge game that incorporates novel, untested, and highly experimental technology. As such, its development may encounter unforeseen challenges or require adaptations to accommodate evolving technological advancements. By maintaining a flexible and adaptive approach, we aim to ensure that Age of Battles remains at the forefront of innovation while offering an exceptional gaming experience to our players.
Q1 2023
✅ Age of Battles close beta
✅ Wallet Integration
Q2 2023
✅ Age of Battles open beta
✅ Release the in-game Events
Q3 2023
✅ Beam integration
✅ Bug Fixing
✅ Battle Pass rebalance
✅ Quest System Rebalance
Q4 2023
  • Global Release
  • Add 10 more playable cards
  • In-game Marketplace
  • In-game NFT Sale campaign